Virtual Laboratory Environment

A Modeling & Simulation Environment

VLE 2.0.2

VLE 2.0.2 is available. Highlight are bug fix. VLE: curl: add -L option to the curl command line. According to the curl documentation, if the server reports that the requested page has moved to a different location (indicated with a Location: header and a 3XX response code), this option will make curl redo the request on the new place. (Closes: #357). vpz: In SAX parser, replace xmlXPath functions dependencies with boost::spirit::qi function.

VLE 2.0.1

VLE 2.0.1 is available. Highlight are: Windows: updating build and runtime dependencies (ssl, certificates) and bump the Qt version to 5.9.6. VLE: switches default url from http to https. cvle : fix the use of more_output_details option. When using more_output_details the comma cannot be used as separator since the comma is already used in the format of output variables (Closes #346) More details on the VLE 2.

VLE 2.0.0

VLE 2.0 is available. Highlight are: All the source code and API move to the C++11⁄14. Compiler Requirements are now gcc 4.9 or clang 3.5 available in Ubuntu LTS 14.04 or Debian GNU/Linux Wheezy. DSDE/PDEVS kernel can use parallelization. Packages can be installed in system (/usr or Program files) or in your home. Many dependencies are removed Debug mode is simplified Observation mechanism is improved: each DSDE/PDEVS function can be obvserved.

VLE 2.0.0 Beta2

The second and last beta of VLE available. Highlights are windows, cvle and gvle. Simulation kernel can now be build with the MSVC 2017 compiler. The Appveyor script is updated and produce a windows installer for each commit. cvle now supports empty value in csv file and use default value of the original vpz. gvle: qcustomplot updated to version 2, svg export, more console feedback. More details on the VLE 2.

Mailing List

From now, sourceforge mailing lists are deprecated. Only one mailing list still exist for users and developers. See the discussion page for subscribe/unsubscribe. This mailing list should be the heart of the VLE community. Feel free to post both “newbie” and more challenging questions. You can also post very technical, and oriented toward VLE library developers.

VLE 2.0.0 Beta1

The first beta of VLE available. Highlights are: better Win32 support, many small corrections and some improvements. More details on the VLE 2.0 page. Binary and source package and Git are up-to-date. VLE and VFL Gauthier Quesnel (37) vle: add new preprocessor variables to enable/disable debug macx: improves the MacOS X port utils: fix unix findInstallPrefix function utils: update MacOS X findPrefix, Library utils: remove twice definition of is(str) and to(str) gvle: remove unused variable gvle: add override keyword for virtual functions gvle: rename setModel to selectModel to avoid conflicts gvle: remove explicit call to std::move utils: remove the unused de-mangle feature aqss: remove useless gcc warning template: update default cpp file CMake: remove unit_test_framework references REAME: add curl to the dependency list macos: update so/dylib management modernize: use using instead of typedef utils: fix va_list initializer in Exception modernize: replace C header with C++ modernize: use override instead of virtual gvle: fix crash at start-up when reading bad Description files template: removes deprecated seed attribute utils: replaces and removes GVLE 1.

VLE 2.0.0 alpha2

The second alpha of VLE is available. Highlights are: Qt Project support, best Win32 support, new editor in GVLE and many improvements, i386/x86_64 rvle support. More details on the VLE 2.0 page. Binary and source package and Git are up-to-date. VFL, VLE, mvle, cvle cmake: add a make uninstall rules test: remove access to template directory test: Fix the package test share: fix template installation in /usr vle: add experimental linux qmake support mailmap: update gvle: update aboutbox gvle: add Ctrl+Q shortcut to quit vle: fix the VLE_STRINGIFY macro gvle: add line number and syntax highlight for C++ win32: fix several warning with i386/x86_64 architecture pkgs: add generic models in vle.

Qt Creator suport

The next vle-2.0.0-alpha2 will support the Qt Creator IDE to allow easy development of VLE and/or plug-ins. The patch allows support of the Qt Creator IDE via qmake program and the file at root of the repository. Qt Creator is a cross-platform IDE that includes productivity tools to speed up development time. Thanks to qmake, an Official support for MacOS10 should appear in future releases. CMake remains the official project generator but qmake allow quick development of GVLE or GVLE’s plug-ins.

VLE 2.0.0 alpha1

The first alpha stable version of VLE is available. This version introduces new stable API, new GUI, new features. More details on the VLE 2.0 page. The source are available in Github. Please try it! Public API changes are important C++11⁄14 is now the default for the API and all public pointer are managed with std::unique_ptr and std::shared_ptr to limit user memory management. Many public API are move into the darkness.