Virtual Laboratory Environment

Version 2.1.0

A Modeling & Simulation Environment

VLE 2.1.0

  • Binaries are now produced with the AppVeyor service.
  • Switched from travis service to Github Actions the Linux continuous integration.
  • Switched from libxml2 to libexpat1.
  • Added the possibility to use secure or unsecure package download.
  • Added a --workspace-prefix-path|-w parameter to CVLE to simplify bash scripting.
  • Added a new API for vle::manager usable for Python, R and command line interface.
  • Added a new class vle::devs::MultiComponent to develop MultiComponent models.
  • Improved API and ABI.
  • Fixed varions warnings and compilation issues
Last updated on 09 Aug 2022, 14:52
Published on 09 Aug 2022, 14:52
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