Virtual Laboratory Environment

Version 2.1.0

A Modeling & Simulation Environment

VLE 2.0.0

VLE 2.0 is available. Highlight are:

  • All the source code and API move to the C++11/14. Compiler Requirements are now gcc 4.9 or clang 3.5 available in Ubuntu LTS 14.04 or Debian GNU/Linux Wheezy.
  • DSDE/PDEVS kernel can use parallelization.
  • Packages can be installed in system (/usr or Program files) or in your home.
  • Many dependencies are removed
  • Debug mode is simplified
  • Observation mechanism is improved: each DSDE/PDEVS function can be obvserved.
  • Models (vle::devs::Dynamics, vle::devs::Executive) can be store in executable instead of in shared libraries (.so or .dll).
  • GVLE is completely rewritten in Qt 5.

More details on the VLE 2.0 page. Binary and source package and Git are up-to-date.

Changes from VLE 2.0.0-beta2


  • Gauthier Quesnel (5):

    • mailmap: update
    • cli: add condition parameter to update condition’s value
    • cli: add option to change experiment name
    • vle: update manpage
    • context: change verbosity level of Context initialization
  • Ronan Trépos (1):

    • cvle: add more-output-details option


  • Ronan Trépos (1):
    • set default debug level to warnings
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