upgrade from vle 1.1 to vle 1.2

Upgrade your package developped under vle-1.1

To update the packages developped with vle-1.1 :

  • you should first save your package before trying to update it.
  • the modifications to perform on your package proposed here rely on the fact that you did not modified the mentioned files.

You can use the python script VLE_INSTALL_DIR/share/convert-vpz11-vpz12.py or you can perfom manually the modifications listed below.

Update the vpz files into mypkg/exp/

a) using a text editor, remove the xml tag for duration and begin, e.g: replace:

<experiment name="ExtUpLV" duration="0.5" begin="0.0"
            combination="linear"  >


<experiment name="ExtUpLV"  combination="linear"  >

b) add the specific condition called “simulation_engine” with begin and duration ports ; e.g

  <condition name="simulation_engine" >
    <port name="begin">
    <port name="duration">