upgrade from vle 1.2 to vle 2.0

WARNING: The vle-2.0 is not yet released. This page is under construction.

Upgrade your package developped under vle-1.2

To update the packages developped with vle-1.2 :

  • you should first save your package before trying to update it.
  • the modifications to perform on your package proposed here rely on the fact that you did not modified the mentioned files.

Update the cmake scripts.

a) In the directory mypkg/cmake, remove all files and add all files are here: https://github.com/vle-forge/vle/tree/master/share/template/package/cmake.

b) Replace the file mypkg/CMakeLists.txt by this one https://github.com/vle-forge/vle/blob/master/share/template/package/CMakeLists.txt. Update the project name : replace MyProject into the line PROJECT(MyProject) by your package name.

c) Replace the file mypkg/src/CMakeLists.txt by this one https://github.com/vle-forge/vle/blob/master/share/template/package/src/CMakeLists.txt.

If you need to install hpp files you can add the following line:


Update the cpp files into mypkg/src/.

a) In the directory mypkg/src, the cpp files which are VLE dynamics should have this header into cpp comments:

// @@tagdynamic@@
// @@tagdepends: vle.extension.decision, myotherpkg @@endtagdepends

The first line states that this cpp is a VLE dynamic and should be compiled by the cmake project. The second line gives the list of packages which are required for compiling the current package (mypkg). For more documentation, take a look at the VleUtilsConfig.cmake file into mypkg/cmake.

Update the file mypkg/Description.txt

The list of packages required to build all VLE dynamics (see tagdepends above) must be given to fill the Build-Depends part.